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Aspiring to build a career in the field of Software Engineering being professional and growth oriented. As an employee, I fully intend on delivering my services in the workplace with utmost enthusiasm and sincerity having positive attitude to add value to the organization.

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My Skills

Solid experience on writing robust, structured, efficient and well-tested back-end code using PHP and comfortable with front-end technology AngularJS.

Object oriented Programming


Database Programming


Scripting Languages


Web Design



C, C++


Database Programming




Mongo DB


Web Design






B.E. Degree in Electronics & Communication


Himalaya College of Engineering (Tribhuvan University affiliate) Kathmandu, Nepal

Higher Secondary School


Orchid Science College (HSEB Affiliate) Chitwan, Nepal



Orchid English School Chitwan, Nepal

Career Summery

  • Solid experience on writing robust, structured, efficient and well-tested back-end code using PHP and comfortable with front-end technology AngularJS.
  • Proficient on server administration jobs. Can setup development, staging, production Linux servers for PHP based apps on barebone Digital Ocean Server / AWS EC2.
  • Experience on different AWS product like EC2, S3, CloudFormation, Lambda, Step Function etc. Created AWS Infrastructure as a code using AWS CloudFormation. Developed different micro-solutions using AWS lambda, API Gateway and CloudWatc  Events.
  • 5+ experience on PHP/SQL; 2 years of experience on CodeIgniter; 3 years of experience on Laravel.
  • Extensive experience on writing unit test, functional test, integration test using PHPUnit, Selenium, Cucumber etc.
  • Familiar with WordPress content management system.
  • 1 years of experience on AngularJS.
  • 2 years of experience on PostgreSQL.
  • Familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax.
  • Comfortable with project management tools like JIRA, Trello, Redmine. Experience using source control system like Git and creating a workflow for JIRA, Git, Trello.
  • Experience on initial research, defining architecture and developing scalable web applications of enterprise level.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, self-motivated, manage competing priorities and adapt readily to new challenges.
  • Experience with a wide a variety of server-side language (PHP, Ruby on Rails) and SQL/NoSQL databases (MySQL, Postgres, Mongo DB, Couchbase).
  • Experience with designing, creating and deploying microservices using Docker and Amazon ECS.
  • Experience as the prominent developer role in a growing company including additional DevOps and System Administrator duties.
  • Design and developed back-end application for Healthcare application which collects the data from patient and notifies to their friends and families.
  • Maintained and added features to AirScout Residential core PHP application and facilitated deployment with Capistrano.
  • Created a mechanism for CI / CD using Envoy, Docker and GitLab.

Working Summary

Senior Software Engineer (PHP / Ruby on Rails / AngularJS / AWS)
Ribera International Pvt Ltd (Feb 2016 – Current)
Pulchowk, Lalitpur

  • Worked as a team of Software Engineers and QA Engineers for delivering high quality, efficient and secured PHP(Laravel) and AngularJS based Enterprise Apps.
  • Oversaw organizational change of our frontend stack from Laravel blade template to AngularJS.
  • Code review, sprint meeting, preparing estimation of the project. Created workflow for git, JIRA and deployment strategy with CI/CD tools like Envoy in PHP based apps.
  • Define and Finalize Enterprise solutions architecture for highly scalable Web Apps.
  • Architect and develop the solutions for clients with different Cloud service providers like AWS, Azure.
  • Deployed apps to Amazon EC2 / ECS and put it into highly scalable Auto Scaling and Load balancer.
  • Wrote CloudFormation template to create and manage resources for taking and managing snapshots of  C2/RDS with different retention period for different type of snapshot i.e. daily/monthly/yearly snapshot.
  • Used AWS managed RDS service (MySQL) instead of  traditional way of putting everything in one server.
  • Implemented queue system using Redis for long running tasks like sending emails, preparing reports in background, sending bulk notification etc.

Software Engineer (PHP / AngularJS)
Ribera International Pvt Ltd (Oct 2014 – Jan 2016)
Pulchowk, Lalitpur

  • Worked with agile team to develop, test and maintain scalable and highly available web application.
  • Participated in the design and implementation of system, test plan.
  • Developed back-end and REST API for MyRate Myanmar and Myanmar exchange rates. Used SQL to generate weekly/monthly trend analysis. Also used Cron and curl to update the recent exchange rates to Postgres database.
  • Gained experience on different software design pattern like Repository design pattern, MVC design pattern and followed best practices on web development.
  • Design database structure on various relational DB like MySQL, Postgres and non-relational database like MongoDB, Couchbase etc.
  • Worked with microservices and container technology including Docker and Kubernetes to change traditional monolithic app into microservices.
  • Development of web application with PHP as a backend and AngularJS as a frontend.
  • Revamped code written in classic PHP to Laravel.
  • Continuous collaboration with senior developer on project status, proposals and technical issues.

Junior Software Engineer (PHP / Ruby on Rails /  AngularJS / AWS)
AlignsTech Pvt Ltd (June 2013 – Sep 2014)
Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

  •  Code sample study, Implementing UI, worked on assigned development work and bug fixes.
  • Experience with building APIs and services using REST.
  • Worked on a complex SQL query and optimize to achieve the results for analytics and data aggregation.
  • Learnt using version control tool like Git, project management tools like JIRA, Redmine for source code management and reporting of the development work.
  • Followed test driven development and worked on writing unit testing, functional testing and integration testing with PHPUnit, Selenium.
  • Prepared responsive UI/UX with the knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and other web technologies.
  • Maintain, develop and debug programs in both Windows and Unix environments


Niraj Adhikari
Ribera International Pvt Ltd
C: +977 985.121.9085
E: niraj@riberasolutions.com

Sumit Banskota
Supervisor at AlignsTech Pvt Ltd
C: +61450511488
E: timus2001@gmail.com


With the help of connect2metrics mobile application powered by back-end, health personal will collect patient data and report will be notified to their loved ones.

  • Designed database in Couchbase and configure Sync Gateway so that most of the traffic from mobile application will be responded by Sync Gateway of Couchbase.
  • Designed a set of REST API in Laravel 5.4 and used these APIs to connect the application to Salesforce.
  • Added the mechanism to send push notification to iOS/Android devices Two-way integration with Salesforce
  • Integrated swagger to generate API documentation
  • Deployed application in AWS EC2 and user artifacts like report, profile picture are saved to Amazon S3 to make it portable.

Airscout Residential
Airscout Residential mobile application will interact to dedicated devices that mimic the network setup inside home or business and calculate the strength of network.

  • Add licensing model to the existing application
  • Port traditional core PHP application into Laravel 5 application
  • Use phantomjs to draw heatmap according to the strength of network in a testing area of a home/business which is received from the mobile application
  • Added Capistrano deployment to the core php app to assist deployment to OpenSUSE server
  • Improved codebase with integration testing using PHPUnit and Selenium

MyRate Myanmar
MyRate Myanmar delivers the much-needed banking information to user in a single place. It lets anyone to find, compare and request for banking and financial services from major banks in Myanmar. This app includes different useful banking tools like Loan Calculator, locator for nearest ATM/Branch, exchange rates etc.

  • Designed Postgres database
  • Designed REST API in Laravel 4.2 and documented it using Swagger
  •  Implemented push notification service for iOS/Android
  • Integrated Oauth2.0 to help users to login with Facebook/Gmail
  • Designed complex query to aggregate the data according to user need in PostgreSQL
  • Added jQuery-based Fusion Chart to present aggregated data

Myanmar Exchange Rates
Myanmar exchange rates presents the latest exchange rates according to the Central Bank of Myanmar and other popular banks of Myanmar. It aggregates all the exchange rates by extracting the information from various places in a scheduled basis.

  • Designed relational database in MySQL
  • Designed REST API in Laravel 4.2
  •  Developed a mechanism that constantly updates the database with recent forex using cron, curl, regex and phpdom
  • Wrote code for unit testing and functional testing. Added a script to validate the exchange rate data with source data
  • Wrote SQL to aggregate currencies and rate of different banks
  • Added script that archives the forex data that is older than specified time period

E-Bidding System
E-Bidding System is flexible system to upload bidding document, providing secure hash password, easy bidding process, email system to notify the bidders.

  • Designed MySQL database
  • Integrated mechanism for large file uploads and creating pdf document according to the user input and the template chosen
  • Added granular level user roles and permission using Entrust package.
  • Wrote SQL to aggregate and analyze the bidding data

Animal Genetic Improvement Project
AGI project is a smart reporting tool which implements the research-based algorithm of NARC scientist. The project is deployed at the Eastern, Central, Western, Mid-western, Far-western development region and the record from the district are synced in the main server in monthly basis where the final report is analyzed.

  • Designed MySQL database
  • Created an admin panel to take input for the algorithm using Bootstrap
  • Integrated district level data into central database
  • Generated reports using SQL in both district level and national level


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My Contact Info

Suresh Lamichhane

Skype: suresh.lamichhane07

Bachelor in electronics & Communication engineering from Trivuwan university

  • Shankhamul-24, Kathmandu, Bagmati 44600, Nepal
  • +977 984.982.4606
  • suresh.lamichhane726@gmail.com